RAG Yearly Fundraising Total Announced


Through a number of events and endeavours, Southampton students raised a total of £91,527.19 last year for the university’s branch of RAG (Raise and Give).

This is an increase on the two previous year’s totals: around £50,000 in the 2010/11 period, and around £70,000 in the 2011/12 period.

Some groups that raised especially high totals include Cameroon Catalyst (£12,929.64), Link/Hitch (10,352.29) and Med Soc (£6,085).

The stats come from a blog by VP Education Claire Gilbert, who wrote it as a ‘thank you and well done to all those who have raised money this year’, and hoped that next year would be ‘even bigger and better’.

£12,000 of the total was raised for RAG’s three core charities. The core charities for next year will be Medecins Sans Frontière, Motor Neuron Disease and Wessex Heartbeat.

This year, £200 has already been raised this month for RAG. If you raised money and want your contribution to be included in the £90,000, then email rag@susu.org.


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