Poll Names Southampton as the 4th Worst Town in the UK


A poll conducted for the latest edition of a book called ‘Crap Towns’ has named Southampton as the fourth worst urban centre in the UK.

Crap Towns seeks to discover which towns are the most hated in the UK. The list is compiled based on interviews with members of the public, and takes into account such factors as crime rates, housing prices, transport and, according to the team behind it, snobbery.

London topped the poll, with Bradford and Chipping Norton rounding out the top three. The full list can be found here, and bizarrely includes Gibraltar at number six.

One of the testimonials from the book regarding Southampton’s inclusion describes it as:

“the only place in the UK I’ve ever seen someone get on a bus and nonchalantly spark up a crack pipe”.


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    This isn’t a scientific survey and shouldn’t be given any credibility by Wessex Scene. Please investigate the voting process and tell us how it was done, and why you think it was reliable enough to publish this so-called “story”. Then ask the maths and stats department how they rate its accuracy. The fact that Chipping Norton and York are also in the top 5 shows it’s just an expression of prejudices. Hull, a previous winner of “crap towns”, is now not in the top 50. So it’s all nonsense.

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    Sam you have a chance to make a name for yourself here by debunking the whole crap towns concept. I would ask the organisers of this survey how many people voted, how they checked nobody voted twice, how they filtered out those who were voting on the wrong basis…. obviously the Chipping Norton votes were made because some famous people (Cameron, Clarkson, Brooks) live there, hardly the basis of a sensible piece of statistical analysis. Crap towns? More like Crap Research mate

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