University Offering Small Refund on Fee Payments


A post on the university blog today has stated that any student who paid their fees in full by midnight on the 30th of September is entitled to a one percent refund on their tuition.

The refund is offered in two ways: either ensure that the university has your correct bank details by 9am tomorrow, or collect a cheque from the Student Services Centre in building 37.

Depending on what year the student is in, the refund will be somewhere between £30 and £90. Students who didn’t know about this incentive and elected to pay their fees in instalments will undoubtedly be frustrated by the measure, which many would have been unaware of until the blog went up this morning.


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        – News:
        [mass noun]

        “newly received or *noteworthy* information, especially about recent events.”

        It’s reassuring to know nothing newsworthy gets past you though.

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    Can you name one student (not international) who pays their fees upfront in one installment? This is such a small percentage of the population.

    MOST students have their fees paid for them by the Government and you then pay them back through students loan company once you graduate and are earning over £21,000

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