Adverse Weather Conditions Hit Wide Lane and Jubilee Sports Centre


Freak weather around 7:30pm on Tuesday evening has meant that both Wide Lane Sports Grounds and the top floor of Jubilee have been forced into closing until further notice.

Heavy rain has forced the upstairs floor of the Jubilee Sports Centre into closing, while downstairs remains open for use of the swimming pool and AU bookings. Furthermore lightning struck at Wide Lane, meaning the closure of both the indoor area and the surrounding pitches.

VP Sport Development Evan Whyte said:

This evening, due to the adverse weather we experienced, some Sport and Wellbeing facilities were shut off or closed. Although this is not ideal to students who wanted to use the facilities, there wasn’t much that could be done to prevent these closures. The University Staff (Sport and Wellbeing) reacted very quickly and gave me an update on the situation, which I’d like to thank them for.

Gym opening times will be delayed for Wednesday, but BUCS fixtures should go ahead as planned.

The Wessex Scene will post further updates when more is known on the situation.


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    Was the Jubilee Sports Centre struck by lightning? You wrote, ” Lightning also struck at Wide Lane”, implying it was.

    Joe Taylor

    Well spotted. Wide Lane was struck by lightning, we’re not sure what caused the leak in the Jubilee.

    Shaun Harvey

    You’re right Richard that there is degree of ambiguity. However this is an issue endemic to English, as “also” can be used to add emphasis and provide contrast, not just serve as a connective.

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