SUSU Makes Decision to End Pulse


The Union will no longer host the Friday night event ‘Pulse’, immediately effective as of this Friday.

Despite efforts over the summer to revamp nightlife at the Union and a strong attendance during Freshers, numbers have dropped so low in recent weeks that SUSU have decided to discontinue the event.

Union President David Gilani said:

“Our students have voted with their feet and said quite clearly that they do not want a regular Friday night at the Union. Ultimately we are here to respond to and serve student demand and so we must be versatile and react. The decision to stop the regular club nights opens so many opportunities in terms of using the space (for student groups and their activities) and our time and effort.

However, we saw some amazing feedback for our Fresher’s events this year, and so we will still use Pulse for Freshers’ in future years and for some special, larger scale events this year. My priorities at this moment are making sure that our support-staff (students) have other opportunities to work and other student groups start making the most of this space.”

Pulse was launched last month, and was formed in accordance with the views of current students. The decision was made to move the whole event down to level one, as opposed to nights that spanned across levels one and two in previous years, and the new format included enhance lighting, special effects and drinks promotions. Student Unions across the country have reported a reduction in demand for Union nightlife in recent years, so it would seem that SUSU fits the national model in this regard.

As well as the immediate cancellation of the Pulse event this Friday, SUSU have also decided to cancel their planned Halloween event.


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    Oh well, It was pretty nice in freshers’ week though. Maybe give it more time? As people are still sick and a lot of students leave for home during weekends.

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    Link to real article with more comments & discussion:

    Shaun Harvey

    You’re adorable.

    Sam Everard

    Yeah, this is pretty pathetic. But I’m sure the article that went up after ours and contains the exact same info is more ‘real’, somehow.


    “Click here to read the same press release somewhere else”

    Really not sure what they’re trying to achieve with that comment.

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