10 Days Winchester: Creative Collisions


“Creative Collisions” – what is that I hear you ask? Creative Collisions is a ten-day contemporary arts event in Winchester, taking place at venues such as Winchester Cathedral, the Winchester Discovery Centre, the Theatre Royal Winchester and the Guildhall, among many others.

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It is an event that celebrates the wonders of contemporary arts, science, visual performance and poetry, with as many as 160 local artists taking part in 60 projects, including exhibitions, live performances and public workshops. Some examples would be “The Way We Are Now” (artists’ questions and talks) with Jane Price, Caroline Hall, Alice Kettle, and our very own Stephen Cooper (who will have two enormous hangings in the South Transept), at the Winchester Cathedral on 1st November.


At the Theatre Royal Winchester this Sunday 27th October, there will be a rather theatrical physics lecture appropriately titled “Accelerate!” with “explosions and liquid nitrogen”, were the audience will be taught about machines used in the medical industry (including the 27km ring of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland).


Another will be an “award-winning” project named “TOTEM”, constructed by co-producing artists Ian Kirkpatrick and Julien Masson, at the Winchester Discovery Centre. It is a large sculpture devised from optical experiments, inspired by the Arthurian legend, the wonderful architecture of Winchester Cathedral and the Large Hadron Collider. And these are only a mere few of the many events that will be taking place here in Winchester. And for your benefit, us Wessex Scene writers based at the Winchester School of Art, will be attending some of these innumerable events over the next 10 days, and informing you of our many thoughts and no doubt interesting experiences…

The inspiration for this event is taken from the idea of the word ‘collision’, in means of “opening a conversation, solving a problem, or sharing something new”, which is what all 60 projects are based upon. This extraordinary ten day event, that is also taking place at Satellite venues online and across Winchester, is a remarkable opportunity for local artists, residents, business owners and schools to participate together in producing and simply enjoying a wonderful contemporary arts experience. This spectacular event begins on the 25th October and ends on the 3rd November, so do not miss out on this artistic celebration exclusive to the Winchester district! For more information please visit 10dayswinchester.org, and find out what creative satisfaction and aesthetic knowledge you can gain from this collaboration of events!


Currently the Winchester Editor of Wessex Scene, Kalisto is a fine arts student, keen writer and emerging artist with a mighty love of coffee...

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