The Lecturer’s Strike: What Could be Affected on Campus


The planned strike by lecturers and university staff across the country a week from today is set to have an effect on campus past the cancellation of a large number of lectures.

Early word is that those taking part in the strike plan to picket Avenue campus, and that there will be protests throughout the day on concourse. Students will still be allowed through the picket line into Avenue if they intend to study there.
It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Hartley library will remain open or not, but the majority of staff involved are expected to strike along with the rest.

Those involved in the strike are also planning to distribute a number of ‘refund forms’, written up especially for the event. Having worked out the cost of missing Thursday’s lectures to individual student, they will be encouraging students to fill out the forms and send them to the Vice Chancellor requesting a refund.

As we reported earlier this week, SUSU voted to support the strike at Union Council on Monday evening. In a press release from UCU, Unite and Unison (the groups involved in the strike), they cited the 13% pay cut in their wages over the last four years and the fact that the universities involved have amassed a £1.1 billion surplus between them.

Regarding the strike, the release said:

“We feel we are left with no other option. We have tried to persuade our employers to tackle the problems of falling pay by talking, negotiating and campaigning, but they still refuse to use any of their amassed money for a fair pay deal. That means we have to either accept an endless attack on our pay and conditions – or do something about it.”

The planned strike has led to the cancellation of 1015 lectures on the 31st, but many lecturers have already let students know that they will reschedule the intended sessions for another time.


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    Champagne Socialists – oh I bet their pay is so terrible; get a grip , you work in the public sector and its a time of austerity, why should your inflated salaries not suffer like the rest?

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