‘Sprinkles No. 2’ Has Opened In Southampton


Following on from the success of Sprinkles Gelato in Portswood, which was opened in September 2012, students and locals alike will be happy to know that a new branch was opened at 3pm today, Friday 25th October.

 Located at the end of Above Bar Street towards the Civic Centre in the centre of Southampton, the new premises are twice as large as the original Portswood parlour and, similarly, are open seven days a week.

Serving the highly popular and widely used ‘U’ bus route, including the U1A, U1C and more recently the U1W, Above Bar Street is a prime location for Sprinkles ‘mark two’, which has taken over the former Nationwide building and thus ended an eight year vacancy.

The new branch has retained the striking pink characteristics of its original store, as well as creating 40 new jobs for Southampton residents.

The new Sprinkles store, which opened today.
The new Sprinkles store, which opened today.

Have you been there, or are you going to go? Let the Wessex Scene know how it compares to the Portswood original!


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