Record Number of Candidates Run in This Year’s JCR Elections


SUSU has announced that there has been a huge increase in candidates for this year’s JCR Elections, with a massive total of 139 students running for positions. This includes a 9-way Presidential Race for one of the halls.

This number is more than SUSU has ever experienced since JCRs were first introduced.

Each JCR Committee has seven core positions which include that of the President, Welfare and Secretary. Campaigning begins today, whereas voting will open this Monday, October 28.


JCRs are elected by their peers in their Halls of Residence, representing the voice of fellow residents, as well as being responsible for keeping everyone in halls safe and informed.

As well as running halls sports teams, it is also the JCRs responsibility to organise social events for first years both during their Freshers’ Week, and throughout the year.


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    Correction, they have 7 core positions:
    JCR President
    JCR Secretary
    JCR Events Officer
    JCR RAG Officer
    JCR Social Media Officer
    JCR Sports Officer
    JCR Welfare Officer

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