Dinner in The Dark


Last week The Bridge Bar hosted an event that involved a whole three course meal being served in total darkness. Inspired by Dans Le Noir restaurant in London the night was supposed to show what will happen when the power runs out. The diners (students, staff and local residents) were not only unaware of whom they were eating with but also what they were eating.


The event was part of the RWE npower Future Leaders project and its aim was to promote sustainability. In particular the aim was to make the diners involved aware of their individual behaviour and how it could be changed.

The organisers were three students, Simon Reynolds studying engineering at Southampton, Saskia James from St Andrews University and Caspian James from Durham University. The three put on evenings at of their respective universities that they hoped would be unforgettable and make the attendees question their use of power.


The evening began with all of the participants donning a blindfold, after which they were randomly moved around so that no one was aware of who was around them.

A full three course meal was then served accompanied by wine (a lot of which ended up on the table). It was a very surreal experience enjoying delicious food while trying to identify the different flavours.

Diners admitted to using a range of different techniques to tackle their meals, some confessed to getting straight in there with their hands, while others attempted a more modest approach, but certainly nobody claimed to find it easy!

One student from Southampton had this to say about their evening “It was so weird and difficult. It was strange how different it was not being able to see, I pictured the people around me looking different and even the food tasted different”

As well as making us aware of how important lighting is, the lack of light also heightened our enjoyment of the food we were eating. Food which without power wouldn’t have been possible.

Video footage of the evening can be watched at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B79U1bnek0&feature=youtu.be


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