Sainsbury’s in Portswood Offering Free Breath Tests


Today, 20th November 2013, doctors and nurses are in Sainsbury’s, Portswood, offering free, five-minute lung tests to all shoppers who come through their doors between 10am and 4pm.

This is to tie in with ‘World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day’ (COPD), with staff from Southampton General Hospital stationed in Sainsbury’s to help raise awareness of the condition and highlight the importance of regular testing, leading to early diagnosis.

COPD affects around 900,000 people in the UK and although there is no cure, early detection can help people manage their symptoms. One of the aims of today’s initiative being to help people realise the dangers of the breathing conditions COPD can lead to, such as bronchitis.

Last year, around one third of all those who undertook the breath test were found to have lung problems and were referred to their GP for further examination.

To find out more about raising awareness of COPD, see the World COPD website. For more information on the symptoms, see NHS choices.


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