Burglary on Upper Shaftesbury Avenue


A house on Upper Shaftesbury Avenue was robbed last night after the burglar managed to break in through an open window at the back of the property.

It is believed the suspect carried out the offence between the hours of 9.00pm and 1.00am, with three laptops and a satchel taken from the property. At least one of the residents was present during the time of the incident.

Forensic teams on arrival today suggest the suspect possibly wore gloves as there were no traces of fingerprints, whilst they may also have attempted to break in next door as there was a footprint on the neighbouring windowsill.

Portswood Police released this statement earlier today via twitter: “@PortswoodPolice: We have had 34 dwelling & non-dwelling Burglaries in the past 3 weeks in Portswood. Most of these have been insecure properties.”

Police are advising homeowners to try and keep valuable items such as laptops out of view when you are not in the room with them to deter any opportunist thieves. They also suggest registering items for free on www.imobilise.com, which the police check when they recover stolen items.

Any witnesses or those with information about the crime are asked to call Detective Constable Martin Timmis at Bitterne Police Station on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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    “A house on Upper Shaftesbury Avenue was robbed last night”. This sounds like a burglary to me, not a robbery. Robbery has to involve the use or threat of violence in order to commit the offence.

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