Shelving The Body


Former Wessex Scene editors Nicola Manuel and Emily Cotton are collaborating with designer Darragh Casey to showcase ‘Shelving the Body‘ in the form of a physical publication, and they need your help!

Soapbox Press 2

Shelving The Body started as Darragh’s MA project in Central Saint Martins and now Nicola and Emily, as part of Soapbox Press, want to put this project in everyone’s bookshelf. The book will document the ‘behind the scenes’ of this project and it will allow everyone to understand the thought process behind every detail of Shelving The Body.

Soapbox Press 1

The Soapbox Press team have put together a great video as part of their Kickstarter campaign in order to raise £2,500 to cover printing costs.

If you’d like to be part of this awesome project and help raise funds to make it happen, make sure to follow through this link!

The pledging time runs out in just under a month and I’m sure that even a small pledge will help greatly to reach the final goal.


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