Art Advent 2013: December 17th


Joseph Fielding

‘Graphic design to me means that I need to become a generalist,
understanding a wide variety of specialties, not only concentrating
on one. The Graphic Design course at WSA has taught me in a wide
diversity of skills; understanding web, traditional printing
techniques, typographic skills and numerous more. I have taken
heavy influences from various artists, most notably Armin Hofmann,
with his simplistic approach to understanding a subject with using
minimal imagery through either line movement or image
recognition. I have always been interested within tradition and
reproducing styles forgotten in history and developing them into a
graphic language for example; deconstructing the basics of the
Victorian Style ‘Gaslight’ which I then applied to a product entitled
“taxidermy, shop by obscurity’. From a heavy influence within
traditional printing methods over the past two years, I now would
like to try to get a printing internship in Germany after my degree,
which would enable me to learn mass production printing in a
professional practice.’









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