Southampton Alumni on Christmas University Challenge Tonight


An alumni team from the University of Southampton will take on King’s College London tonight on Christmas University Challenge, BBC Two at 7.30pm.

The academic quiz show, which is presented by Jeremy Paxman, usually involves teams of current students from UK universities answer questions across a range of subjects.

Christmas University Challenge provides a spin to the usual format, offering ‘prominent graduates’ the chance to compete against one another. The four teams with the highest winning scores will play in two semi-finals, with the winners meeting in the final.

Christmas University Challenge: Southampton alumni take on King's College London
Christmas University Challenge: Southampton alumni take on King’s College London

The University of Southampton will be represented by: Jason Cowley, Editor of The New Statesman; Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts; Baroness Claire Tyler, Liberal Democrat peer; and Stefan Buczacki, horticulturalist and botanist.

The University of Southampton has achieved great success this year on University Challenge, our current team recently gaining a place through to the quarter-finals and massing 335 points, the current highest score of the season.

Don’t miss the alumni team compete on Christmas University Challenge tonight, New Years’ Eve, BBC Two at 7:30pm.


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    I was totally flummaxed at the mistakes in a German story title which was presented as a question in the following format – Den standhaften Tinsoldier!! Firstly the grammar would be “der” not “den”, secondly, “tin” is not a German word, the German word for tin is “Blech”, and the correct word is “Zinnsoldat”, namely – Der standhafte Zinnsoldat. Zinn is pewter. Just thought I’d mention it. Best to get it right. Happy New Year!

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