Update: Body Found At Millbrook Station


Detectives are trying to determine the identity of a man whose body was found on a footpath near Millbrook rail station this morning.

The station was cordoned off and officers stood guard on the bridge while a team was brought in to carry out a forensic investigation. The body was found this morning by a member of the public, adjacent to the railway lines and the station.

Officers from Hampshire’s major investigations unit have said they are currently treating the death as ‘unexplained’. Passengers were being diverted to the nearby Southampton Central during the initial investigation, but the station is now back to normal usage.

Police are urging anyone who used the footpath in the last 24 hours to contact them on 101.

UPDATE: Police have ruled out the possibility of murder after finding no evidence of physical harm on the man’s body, and believe him to be an Eastern European in his late 20s. 

They are awaiting the outcome of a toxicology test to determine whether the man was under the influence of drugs. Police have said that documents in the man’s pockets suggest that he is 29 and from Poland, and are carrying out inquiries there.


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