More Cuts Threatened to Poorest Students


Warnings transpired yesterday of the risk of funds dedicated to aid the poorest students being cut as much as 60%.

The Million + Policy group, which represents many universities, reported that the student opportunity fund, currently being worth £327m, is under threat of being cut by £200m, leaving potentially catastrophic consequences for disadvantaged students.

The potential cut would come as an attempt to close the deficit in the department of Business, Innovation and Skills. This reported threat comes as a swift back turn after chancellor George Osborne recently promised expansions to Higher Education in 2015, including the recent decision to sell off student loans, and the plans to remove the cap on student numbers.

Having already sliced £150m from the national scholarship fund, the threat comes as a massive blow to Higher Education, especially to members of parliament potentially swayed by promises of widening participation at university, despite the recent explosion in tuition fees.

If they take place, the cuts will be most detrimental to disadvantaged students, adding another barrier to social mobility and educational equality. Most affected will be Universities with the biggest intake of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Details of the funding will be announced shortly.

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