Prominent Southampton Politician Killed in Taliban Attack


Del Singh, a Labour Party MEP candidate for the South East hailing from St Mary’s, was last night killed in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, in a restaurant attack along with 21 others including another Briton.

Yesterday, Friday, a suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the restaurant in which Mr Singh and the 20 others were dining. Following the explosion, two gunmen entered through the kitchen of the building and began shooting at the customers, the majority of whom were civilians, before themselves being killed by security guards.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility, stating that it was deliberate attack to specifically target government officials. It has been described by Labour Party leader Ed Milliband as a ‘barbarous act of terror’.

Mr Singh, who was campaigning as a candidate in the May 2014 European Parliament elections, grew up in Southampton and dedicated much of his time to helping Palestinian children affected by the events in the Middle East. He was also a dedicated Labour Party supporter, participating in every electoral campaign for the party since 1992.

The Wessex Scene would like to extend our condolences to Mr Singh’s family and friends at this sad time.


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