RAG Beats the Monday Blues!


Last Monday marked what was apparently the most depressing day of 2014, blue Monday. But just as you think you can revel in post exam relaxation, this coming Monday will hit students hard as lectures kick start the second semester. 

So for us students it might be that this coming Monday is considered the most depressing with the back to uni blues. But fear not, RAG’s got the remedy to spread joy around campus!

RAG will be hosting their own blue Monday for everyone on campus this Monday 27th from 10-5pm, turning Blue Monday into a celebration! Students can enjoy free tea, coffee and cake all day on concourse, along with the return of the Woofability puppies to brighten our day.

In exchange for a smile or two, all RAG ask in exchange is for students to make a ‘happy pledge’. Students can tell RAG one way that they will be spreading happiness this year, with the opportunity to have their picture taken with their pledges. Just from making a simple pledge, students can enjoy a cuppa, cake and cuddles…what more could you ask of a Blue Monday?




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