January Exam Results Day Announced


All students will receive the results of their January exams on the 20th of February.

VP Education David Mendoza-Wolfson has said that students will be emailed their results on the Thursday morning between 9am and 12 noon through their university email accounts.

This comes after students received incorrect results for exams and module results last summer. SUSSED has experienced problems with server capacity and students accessing their results online in past years. The university email system is being used to avoid these problems and deliver results as soon as they are available.

Mendoza-Wolfson added that he wishes all students the best of luck with their results.


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    Well now that Mendoza-Wolfson has wished me luck with the results, I’m at ease as I surely cannot have fucked up my exams! Thanks for the luck mate, so much good it will do now that exams have finished.

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