Students: Take Part in The Times’ Final Year Student Survey


Are you an undergraduate student in your final year looking to make some easy money?

The University of Southampton is providing students with the opportunity to carry out research into graduate scheme applications on behalf of the The Times newspaper. The survey’s commitments will take place for a week between Wednesday 12th February and Wednesday 19th February with limited places still available.

At this time of the year, final year academic students will be thinking about the next step after graduating and the application process can sometimes be time consuming, stressful and confusing. The aim of the survey is to supply constructive feedback from a variety of faculties and the applicants themselves.

Not only does the scheme pay well, with bonuses included if certain targets are achieved, but it also provides a great opportunity for students to work for one of the most established companies in media and recruiting. The Times is widely regarded as one of the best publications nationwide and paid experience for them would understandably look fantastic on any student’s CV.

As mentioned interview places are at a premium already but if you are interested in taking part please contact their representative Richard Amofa at as soon as possible.



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