Stabbing at Glen Eyre Halls


Two students were stabbed on Wednesday 29th January in a room at Glen Eyre.

Police were called to the halls by an ambulance at 10:20pm after reports of a stabbing. One person was arrested but was not charged, and has since been released with no further action being taken.

The victims were a man, who had been stabbed in the thigh, and a woman, who had injuries to her wrist. The two are believed to be a couple. They received medical attention at Glen Eyre before being transported by ambulance to hospital for further treatment. Neither wound was described as life threatening.

A number of other students, including flatmates and other witnesses, were involved in support of the first two students and helped the police assess what had happened. Police moved the flatmates of the victims into ‘emergency rooms’ for the night so as to access the flat in question.

A university spokesperson said:

“As always we’re grateful firstly to the students and resident staff who assisted all involved on the evening in question and secondly to the Police and Emergency Services for their immediate response to the incident. Fortunately incidents like this are not common but when they occur it’s reassuring to know that they can be resolved quickly and professionally.”


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    So many questions

    Not much information is shed… who was the stabbing done by? Other halls residents, or people from outside of the halls who weren’t supposed to be there? Probably the latter, but some clarification would be nice..

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