Update: Bad Weather closes WSA and Avenue buildings


The West Side building on the Winchester School of Art campus has been forced to close due to flood waters from the nearby River Itchen and the Archaeology building on Avenue Campus has been partially closed.

The West Side building of the Winchester School of Art
The West Side building of the Winchester School of Art

Announced by the University in a blog post, the building will remain closed today (Monday) having been closed since Thursday. Lectures and seminars have been either cancelled or relocated to spare rooms on campus or in the Winchester Guildhall. The East Side buildings will remain open, but will be closely monitored and may close in the future if flooding increases or if the site become unsafe to access.

The West Side building contains key services such as the WSA Library, The Winchester Gallery, photography and dark rooms, the Finance Office, and studios for FTD and Fine Art. The University have reassured students that belongings stored on the upper floors will be safe, but are advising students to remove essential items as the building may not reopen for a few days.

The University is also asking students to stay away from campus unless their visit is necessary and are warning those on campus to take care. Future arrangements are to be publicised on SUSSED and in local media.

Meanwhile, the Archaeology building 65A on Avenue Campus has suffered structural damage as a result of the bad weather, resulting in the north side of the building being evacuated.

Over the weekend the river Itchen burst its banks in Winchester and further rain is forecast for the next few days, raising the possibility of further problems for the campus over the next few days. However, Erasmus Park halls of residence have not been affected.

The Wessex Scene will keep you updated on this story as it develops.


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