Nominations for Spring Elections Open Today


As of 12pm today, students will have the opportunity to nominate themselves for one of the 70-plus positions open to them in the spring elections season.

From sabbatical officers to student leaders to trustees to councillors, students have until midday on the 17th February to submit their nominaton. Once prospective candidates have chosen their roles, they will need to write a manifesto explaining why they would be good for the job along with their future plans under the role.

Sabbatical officers are the seven people that run our students union, along with supporting student leaders, trustees and councillors. These seven positions are paid by SUSU and like all other positions, will run against RON (re-opon nominations option) This is also the case if there is only one nominee for a sabbatical position.

Once the nomination window closes, candidates can begin online campaigning from the 18th February and full campaigning from the 21st. Students will have between the 24-28th February at 4pm to vote for who they want to fill the positions – all in preparation for elections night live, which begins just four hours after voting closes.

Good luck to those of you planning to run!


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