University Pledges to Remove All Hidden Course Costs


The university has released a statement stating that it will no longer expect students to pay costs additional to their tuition fee, unless specified in the module specification.

The promise is part of the university’s ongoing campaign to end student poverty, which has also included lobbying against changes to student loan repayments and looking at the fees paid by international students. University staff have acknowledged the issue that even with the raise to £9000 fees, that figure doesn’t actually cover the whole cost of a degree once things like course books and field trips are factored in.

Union President David Gilani said:

“I believe that students should have no extra necessary course costs outside of the tuition fees that they are paying… and knowing what those costs are before you pick a module, or even this University, is an important step.”

The university calendar rules will now read as follows:

“There may, over and above the tuition fee, be additional charges associated with activities such as field trips or placements during particular programmes or with required or recommended equipment; details of such additional costs will be available in full from the relevant faculty/academic unit and will be detailed in the relevant module specification.”



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