Elections Candidates Disadvantaged After Posters Arrive Late


Five candidates were left at a disadvantage this morning after their promotional material arrived after those of their competitors.

The affected candidates were Sophia D’Angelico and Shaun Coston, both running for VP Education, Beckie Thomas, running for VP Welfare, Katie Lightowler, running for VP Sports Development, and Henry Pearson, running for Union President.

The promotional material was supposed to arrive for every candidate at midday, but those affected were left waiting for up to an hour for theirs to arrive. During that time their competitors were able to put up their material unheeded.

Deputy Returning Officer David Martin said:

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get the service that we expected from one of our suppliers, which then led to delays in us receiving the posters. This included a few inaccuracies with the number of posters received, and therefore some candidates missed out. As soon as we realised this we rectified the matter immediately by printing the posters in house. We apologise sincerely to those candidates affected.”


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    Always seems to me that there is never enough time during the elections – everything is so rushed!

    I know there are so many constraints on the elections, but it is a shame the nominations can all be done and dusted a lot earlier (start of Jan?), so that it doesn’t seem like a whirlwind rolling through campus.


    The prevailing opinion is that elections and campaigning should take up less time, not more.

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