‘Joke’ Elections Candidate Gets Serious


Thomas Rogers, originally a joke candidate running for every one of the Sabbatical Officer positions, has announced that he plans to focus on running a serious campaign for the position of VP Student Communities.

Rogers plans to withdraw his nomination for the other six positions, and offered this statement today with regards to his decision:

“Over the past week many students have come to me thanking me for ensuring that Oli Coles did not run unopposed for VP Communities. After discussion with these students, friends and colleges and the feedback I received from yesterdays debate, I discovered that they were disillusioned with Oli’s record in office and thought there ought to be a genuine challenge to his position.

With this in mind, I have decided to run a serious campaign for the VP Communities role and as such will be dropping out of all other Sabbatical elections to focus on this one campaign.”

Having provided a joke manifesto for his initial nomination, Rogers has uploaded a new, serious manifesto to the Facebook page for his campaign. Following yesterday’s VP Student Communities debate, Rogers had 84% of the vote as opposed to the 16% held by current sabbatical Oli Coles in a poll conducted here.


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    I’m only here for one year and I feel that Oli Coles has done nothing for us! Other areas of SUSU have made great steps forward, but it seems for ALL of communities there’s been nothing! Good on you, Tom, for standing up! You’ve got my vote.

    Brother Frank

    Not to mention that he’s been simply obstructive to people with suggestions on the Facebook groups…

    Common Sense

    However, do you really think a that a joke candidate who has no experience in the area could do a better job. He has no idea how much work VP Communities has to put in.

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