VP Sports Debate: Summary


VP Sports Candidates attending the debate:

  • Katie Lightowler
  • Adam Proudley

Underrepresented Sports

Adam Proudley claimed that the more obscure sports, such as certain types of martial arts, are represented. Katie Lightowler pointed out that some sports, such as lifesaving, aren’t recognised as sports and are therefore underrepresented.

Athletic Union Improvements

Katie highlighted transport issues as well as problems with timetabling. Adam spoke about the funding issues, and said he wanted to look for external funding such as graduate recruitment companies.

Irrigation at Wide Lane

Both candidates said that improved irrigation of Wide Lane was a priority over a new sports hall. Katie said that for now, we should focus on getting the best of the pitches when they are usable. Adam stressed the importance of finding a solution sooner rather than later.

Intramural Sports

Katie said that the profile is not high enough for intramural sports, and she wants to ensure that participation is increased. Adam wants to improve communication with intramural sports, and make it more student-led.

Katie Lightowler wants to build upon this year’s improvements by focusing on performance and increasing international student involvement. She also spoke of plans of linking the Athletic Union, intramural and recreational sports. Adam wants to focus more on recreational sports, such as having kit at each halls.

International Involvement 

Adam claimed it was key to reach out to international students during their pre-sessional and international freshers weeks, as well as putting the bunfight online, which Katie agreed with.

Making SUSU take certain sports more seriously 

Katie spoke about helping clubs to look for sponsorship opportunities to increase funding. Adam also stressed the importance of financial support from external sources.

Katie emphasised her large Athletic Union background, as well as the fact she wants to give students a higher level of sporting opportunities. Adam also has an Athletic Union background, and said that he would be more dedicated to supporting groups such as postgraduates and medics, helping them integrate.


Adam said he wanted to ensure that the new policy against initiations was enforced. He also wanted to make students aware that they should not be pressured to join in. Katie added that AU clubs should recognise that students do not have to be involved with the social side to join in with the sports side.

When questioned on sexism in the AU, Katie claimed that she wasn’t that aware of sexism in sports, and any limited problems she had experienced, she had expected. Adam said that whilst he wasn’t aware of any issues, he wanted to reiterate that sexism should not be part of sporting tradition.

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