New SUSU Mural Unveiled in Union Building


SUSU today unveiled the new mural within the reception of the Union building.

SUSU Mural Wall

The previous mural was taken down in December and work has been done since then to design and create a new replacement.

At the unveiling, Union President David Gilani said

This wall articulates all the things that people have been working for and this will signify what SUSU means to every student

SUSU has also released a time-lapse video to accompany the unveiling, showing how the mural was put together from start to finish.


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      I’m afraid I disagree with you, IDS. I believe that communicating with students is important… having a strong physical representation of the opportunities they have open to them at University is an extra way to help improve that communication… and thus hopefully lead to more students taking up those opportunities.

      The wall was built this time so that it could be added to and layered as time goes on to help add to its flexibility. Furthermore, my ego is already beyond human comprehension… so there’s that.

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