RAG Launches The BIG Give


RAG is bringing the Big Give back for it’s second year, campaigning to ask every student and member of staff to donate £1 to RAG’s elected charities: Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Wessex Heartbeat. If every single student and staff member donated £1, RAG could raise £22,000 in total for these three charities.

The Big Give involves RAG hosting a week of fundraising and campaigning to encourage students to donate £1 rather than spending it on something else. Previous RAG weeks have raised an average of approximately £1,000 whereas last years Big Give managed to raise a total of £6,057. Claire Gilbert, VP Engagement, explains the potential of RAG’s Big Give:

The Big Give is a brilliant way to show the social impact students can have by giving just £1. The fact is we all spend around £1 a day on things that we could easily go without – a coffee, a newspaper, getting on the bus when you could walk etc – by empowering students to just give a little and see the large amount of change they can make I truly believe that we can make a massive difference to local, national and international causes. I am really excited to volunteer for such an exciting way to look at fundraising!

There will be many students or ‘Big Give Champions’ helping run events and fundraise throughout the week. Societies will also be getting involved by incorporating RAG fundraising into their own events, from comedy gigs to fitness classes; there will be opportunity for all students to take part.

The Big Give will be launching today at 12pm today out on the redbrick, followed by various other events throughout the week until Friday the 28th, the final day before the Easter break. Other Big Give events include Comedy Soc’s ‘Rag Against the Machine’, yoga classes, language classes and a pop up vintage shop.


Information on all this and more can be found on RAG’s facebook page, complete with an event calendar for the week:


To show support make sure you use the hashtag:  #theBIGgive


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