Workers ‘Inadvertently’ Caused Fire at Mayflower Halls Site


It has recently emerged that yesterday’s fire at the Mayflower Halls site was caused by workers “inadvertently” setting building materials alight.

fire 3The blaze caused large explosions at the university’s newest halls development site. Although there were no casualties, the fire was treated as extremely serious, with nearly 90 fire-fighters attending the scene.

Hampshire Fire & Rescue incident commander Jerry Leonard issued the following statement:

(workers) were doing some work on the roof of the building and, unfortunately, inadvertently set fire to some of the building material they were using”

The fire led to two explosions, one caused by a small propane gas cylinder, and the other by a fire extinguisher which was initially used to fight the fire.

Whilst the site developers Osborne could not confirm when the site will be reopened, they highlighted the site’s quick evacuation process, meaning that no one was harmed.

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