SUSUtv Break Their Previous Record for Wins at NaSTA Conference


SUSUtv, the University of Southampton’s resident TV station, broke their own record for most wins at this year’s National Student Television Association conference, winning in three categories and receiving a highly commended award in one other.

The station was first highly commended in the Best Music category for the music video for A Gentleman’s Film’s ‘Damage Control‘. A win in the Best Comedy category for ‘Marshall and Hart‘, a sketch show by Jed Marshall and Joe Hart, was instantly followed by wins in the Best Writing and Best Live categories. Best Writing was won by Adam Jackson for ‘The Society’, and Best Live for SUSUtv’s coverage of the 2013 SUSU Elections.

Station Manager Catherine Darcy said:

“Simply, I am the proudest station manager right now. The amount of hours and hard work put into each and every production we’ve done has finally paid off. I think this will give us a well deserved boost to produce even more outstanding content!”


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