Further Plans For Student Flats in Bassett


A developer has reapplied to build two new buildings containing 26 student flats in a green area of Bassett formerly used as the city council’s Pest Control Department.

The original plan of a two to four-storey building with 120 bedrooms was declined planning permission on the basis of over-development concerning trees in the area. A government inspector also declined an appeal due to lack of information regarding how the surrounding trees will be affected.

The new application addresses these concerns, but has still been met with resistance from members of the community. One resident described herself as “devastated at the prospect of [the]leafy community being destroyed.”

Another expressed his concern of the possibility in increased levels of vandalism, crime and noise from “inebriated individuals”, which would result in considerable disturbance for many of the long-term residents in the area.

Southampton City Council is due to make a decision by June 16th.

Meanwhile, the Mayflower Halls, housing more than 1000 students, and City Gateway Halls, housing 360 students, are due to open in September.


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