Mayflower Halls Will Be Ready for September


Construction firm Osborne confirm the new student halls will be ready for the next academic year, despite the recent fire that took place there.

The blaze, which was the result of an accident on the part of workers at the site, produced substantial smoke and brought gridlock to parts of the city centre.

It is now known that the specific cause of the fire was a heat gun accidentally setting fire to insulation being installed onto the roof.

A spokesman for Osborne said:

Each of the three blocks, as part of its design, incorporates full life safety addressable fire alarm system with call points, smoke and heat detectors, a fully charged sprinkler system on the advice of the fire service including dry risers, smoke extract and ventilation systems, means of escape staircases, fire fighting lifts and fire compartments.

Together with procedures that will be implemented by the University of Southampton prior to occupation, such as fire risk assessment, fire action plans and drills, the Mayflower Halls development will provide exemplary life safety protection for its occupants.


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