Gang Jailed After Assaulting 19-Year-Old on Southampton Common


Three men have been jailed after being convicted of an attack a 19-year-old man on Southampton Common that left him with two broken ribs.

A gang of eight men approached and assaulted the victim while he was sat on a bench with his girlfriend on the evening of June 1st last year. The two had been arguing that night, and his girlfriend had texted him to meet her at the park. As he went to sit down, he noticed the eight attackers approaching. They proceeded to punch and kick him to the ground and grabbed him by the throat.

Three of the men involved, Rhys Thornton (18), Adam McAlister (23) and Luke Aldridge (24) have been sentenced to jail time for their part in the assault. All three have previously convictions, and were all found guilty of causing actual bodily harm. McAlister stole the victim’s phone during the attack, and Thornton attempted to steal his wallet but threw it back having found nothing of value inside. Thornton was also found guilty of witness intimidation, having threatened to ‘smash his [the victim’s]face in’ when he saw him walking down the street with his mother.


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