Lecturer Marking Boycott ‘On Hold’


The lecturer marking ban set to start on April 28th has been postponed after employers offered the strikers a 2% pay increase.

The pay rise offered by the University and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) will be put to the striking lecturers in a ballot, according to the University and College Union (UCU).

On the official UCU website, it states that they are planning to postpone the boycott until May 6th so that the ‘members’ decision on the new offer can be fully considered’. UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt said:

“Following this offer, UCU has decided to ballot members on their views. It is only right that they make the ultimate decision about what happens next.”

UCEA released a statement stating that:

“The employers have made it clear that this pay offer, considerably more than those made in recent years, is at the absolute limits of affordability for higher education institutions and only stays on the table if the current and planned industrial action is called off.”

The marking ban, announced in February, was intended as a ‘last resort’ in response to the pay cut lecturers and staff had experienced over the last few years. It would have left students without final their final degree results, therefore meaning they would be unable to graduate.


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    Just to be clear, this is 2% starting from 2014, conditional on staff accepting 1% (well below the cost of living) for 2013. This is the figure that started the strike and the Universities are refusing (still) to negotiate this.

    I expect lecturers and staff will accept this offer still but it’s important for students to recognise that we’ll be compromising a lot if we do – whilst Vice Chancellors (average pay rises > 6%) are essentially playing chicken with students’ exams.

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