Emergency Services Called After Naked Man Runs into Solent


A naked man has prompted a mass search in the sea after he was spotted running into the Solent around 3am this morning.

A member of the public called the police at 3:10am after seeing the man, aged approximately 56, running naked into the water.

Hamble Independent Lifeboat, Solent Coastguard and Hampshire Fire and Rescue were all called to the scene of the incident, on the edge of the Solent between Titchfield Haven and Meon Shore. The search lasted for three hours but was called off after nothing suspicious was found.


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    Attention-grabbing headline, but the story is of little substance. Shame.

    Miss Teen South Carolina

    I hereby apologise on behalf of the Wessex Scene for them accurately describing the gist of the story in the headline. I hope you can make it through this difficult time.

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