Winners of the Excellence in Teaching Awards Announced


Following last night’s ceremony at SUSU this year’s winners of the Excellence in Teaching Awards (ETAs) are now known.

Students were invited to submit nominations through the SUSU website for academic staff within five categories: Outstanding Lecturer, Teaching and Learning Lifetime Achievement, Innovative Teaching, Best Feedback Provision and Contribution to Academic Support.

The Students’ Union has increasingly encouraged University of Southampton students to nominate and vote for members of academic staff who have really made a difference by using innovative and practical teaching methods to help students reach their potential.

VP Education David Mendoza-Wolfson, who hosted the event, said:

We shouldn’t just be having a go when lecturers don’t quite cut it, but elevating those lecturers who make it worth getting to your 9am on a Monday morning.

Any member of academic staff could be nominated and the results were left entirely to the student vote.

The award-winners and highly commended runners-up for each category are as follows:

Outstanding Lecturer: Alistair Hudson (winner) and Sabu Padmadas (highly commended)

Teaching and Learning Lifetime Achievement: Hugh Davis (winner) and Edward Milton (highly commended)

Innovative Teaching: Mark Telford (winner) and Alessia Plutino (highly commended)

Best Feedback Provision: Betty Lanchester (winner) and Peter Langdon (highly commended)

Contribution to Academic Support: Martin Browne (winner) and Sunil Manghani (highly commended)

Keep an eye out for SUSUtv’s broadcast of the proceedings, which will be online in the near future.


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