SUSU Hosts Wellbeing Week


SUSU’s wellbeing committee have organised various wellbeing events that will commence this week, running from Monday 12th to Friday 16th May.

A number of activities and competitions will be taking place on concourse throughout the week to help signal the importance of student wellbeing.

The team will be giving out ‘stress cubes’, which are printed with information on the 5 steps to wellbeing.

Beckie Thomas, VP Welfare, talks about supporting students:

Students are also more likely to talk to their friends about their problems which is why its essential that we spread the word, especially before exams! Remember, everyone has the power to make a difference to someone’s life no matter if that’s texting a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or making dinner for someone you know who is dealing with depression.

Listed below are the daily activities, hosted by the team behind Wellbeing week:

Monday 12th: Substance Awareness Day – Beer goggle challenge and win a prize!

Tuesday 13th: Mental Health Day – Mental wellbeing photobooth, information on mental health and tips on how to look after your friends.

Wednesday 14th: Sexual Health Day – Wellbeing photobooth, free condoms and Sexpression Southampton will be giving out information on sexual health.

Thursday 15th: Healthy Living Day – Plenty of advice on healthy eating and tips on how to stay physically healthy.

Friday 16th: Financial Health Day – Tips to help you stay on top of finances.


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