Alma Road Property Suffers Second Burglary


A student house on Alma Road has been burgled for the second time, just six months after the first burglary in November 2013.

It is believed the burglary occurred between 5am and 7am on Tuesday, May 13th. A PS3, an XBox, a flat-screen LG television set, a recently purchased red bike and a few bottles of alcohol have been reported as missing.

There have been no signs of forced entry to the property and it is suspected that the burglars (believed to be at least two) entered by passing the side gate and through to a  side door which were both discovered open in the morning. It is still unclear whether these doors were left unlocked by the residents.

Map indicating Alma Road where a property has been burgled for the second time.
Map indicating Alma Road where a property has been burgled for the second time.

Police are advising homeowners to  keep valuable items safe and also make sure every access to your property is locked and secure. Insurance policy often includes a term that there must be signs of forced entry for item claims due to burglary, so in order to protect your own rights, it is essential to make sure all doors and even windows are locked at night and when you leave your room.

It is vital that students should back-up their documents, notes and files during exam times. Of course, it is crucial to remain vigilant too.

Any witnesses or those with information about the crime are asked to contact the police hotline on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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