SUSU Launches ‘Pounds Back To You’


The Union has announced a campaign designed to encourage students to spend more of their money through its commercial activities. 

This effort is part of a drive to get more funds invested into its operation, which, for example, could benefit student groups or the Student Advice Service.

According to its figures there has already been an approximately £150,000 increase in turnover this year, which meant over £22,600 extra could be put towards funding student groups back in January with more increases expected for next year’s budget.

Further benefits cited include the reduction in price of tickets for the Grad Ball, creation of an innovation fund worth £25,000 and a new Student Life Zone Co-ordinator position.

To give this strategy a physical reminder to students, a new graphic has been installed at the entrance to the Union building. It details how 10p from every £1 that is spent through SUSU is surplus that can be re-invested while 23p goes on staff, 280 of which are students. The Union also believes that students can spend their money on its commercial activities safe in the knowledge that SUSU acts in an ethical manner towards its suppliers.



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    I don’t care about grad ball, I don’t care about student groups, and I definitely don’t care about “a new Student Life Zone Co-ordinator position.”

    I’ll buy stuff from SUSU if it’s cheaper than the shops on Burgess Road. Simples! Just do a £3 meal deal like Sainsbury’s, Co-op and Tesco do, and I’ll buy my lunch there. Keep it more expensive, and I won’t. Pretty simple really!

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