Oli Coles Will Not Take Up Second Term as VP Communities


Vice President of Communties, Oli Coles, will not be returning to his role for the next academic year. 

Oli re-ran for his position alongside candidate Tom Rogers in the spring elections this year, with his campaign slogan: ‘Oli Where’s Wally Coles’. Oli was successful in retaining his position for the second term.

In an email sent to SUSU staff, he said:

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time this year at SUSU and I’d like to thank everyone who I’ve worked with over the past year, both staff and students, for making this year one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in my years at SUSU.

Oli Coles
VP Communities

Oli will continue his current position until the 30th June and SUSU will be running a by-election for the role with nominations opening on Friday 30th May. Results of this election will be announced on Friday 13th June.




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    SUSU is corrupt

    I hope David Gilani, David M-W, David Martin, Evan, Claire and Becky are happy at forcing Oli out. Absolutely disgusting behavior from egotistical people who claim to represent the student populace, yet force a democratically elected candidate to resign through nastiness. No wonder no one wants to get involved, other than those in the clique.

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      If you think the current sabbs actually act like that then you don’t know them very well at all. It’s very easy to speculate about what has happened, but the truth is only those in that team will know for sure.

      I find it very hard to believe there was any nastiness or bullying.

      Being a sabb is a very hard job to do, especially for a second year.

      I respect Oli’s decision and think you should to , rather than making wild accusations and stirring up bs.

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    Bullying culture

    Disgusting that the one halfway decent person the sabb office has seen for a good while has been forced out of there. What a nasty bunch of self important arseholes those sabbs are.

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    I’ve only really got one thing to say.

    David Gilani and groupies, congrats. I hope you’re really proud of yourself. You’ve driven someone out of a job that he loves.

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      Love don’t cut the mustard – he’s got to actually do something with it. Why d’ya think a joke candidate got so many votes with a last minute campaign?

      Feel bad for him, course, but its a job at the end of the day, and if everyone was kept on for the love of the job, susu would be in a much worse position! They’ve had some shockers…

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        He did such a bad job this year that the electorate ruled him back in!

        Actually, you’re right, the electorate can’t be trusted to know what they’re voting for. It’s just as well we have upstanding members of SUSU to judge, and take matters into their own hands when us students are wrong!

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          Yes, voted back in in an election where he didn’t inspire anyone to run for the position, or care about it, to the extent that the joke candidate decided to be serious. If you think that’s a sign of a good job, you must love what Putin and the Chinese government do

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            He ran, he was contested, he won. He was voted in fairly by the electorate.

            If you think that isn’t fair, you must love Kim Jung-Un and other dictatorships.

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      Wait what, a job that he loves? This is the same Oli Coles who more than once this year has bitched openly about the job, talking about how little he cares about it… and I’m not even close to him.

      If there has been bullying going on that’s obviously not okay and needs dealing with, but I had been assuming that he’d just realised how stupid it was for him to run a second time for a sabb role which he hated the first time.

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        When has he bitched openly about not liking the job? I’m close to him (not that I even knew this was happening, he kept that pretty close to his chest) but I’ve never heard at him openly bitching about the job. Yeah, he’s said it’s been a challenge, but then every job is a challenge otherwise why would you want to do something that was a cake walk?

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          You know it's true

          He has always enjoyed the job- the only thing he bitched about was the other sabbs giving him a hard time. He is the best person for the job and the only problem he had was that the others in the sabb office are passive-aggressive snakey twats who can’t deal with an honest voice and a fresh face

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