Conservative Cabinet Reshuffle – A Quick Guide


On Monday evening David Cameron begun a series of announcements detailing his Cabinet reshuffle. The cabinet consists of 22 ministers; Cameron, five Liberal Democrats and 16 Conservatives, nine of which are keeping their positions.

This leaves seven ministers, three of which have moved positions and four who have left. The reshuffle is summarised below: In addition to the changes made to the secretaries of state Cameron announced the new ministerial appointments.


Most notable moves in the reshuffle are Michale Gove’s move to Cheif Whip and Philip Hammond’s move to Foreign Secretary. Students and teachers across the country have grown to hate Gove’s radical proposals to change the education system, this position will be taken by Lawyer and Women’s Minister, Nicky Morgan. Don’t rejoice too early though, Morgan is set to have a different attitude towards teachers but supported Gove’s reforms.

Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary
Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary

Hammond was in Cabinet as Secretary for Defence, now, in his position as Foreign Secretary he will be given more of an opportunity to express his Eurosceptic views. This is undoubtedly a move by Cameron to side with the seemingly growing population of UKIP supporters in the coming election.

Another trick up the Prime Ministers sleeves to win over voters is including more women in the cabinet. Before the reshuffle the Conservatives had the only three female cabinet ministers, now that’s doubled to six, a little over one third of the conservative cabinet ministers.

The party is trying to shake off the image ‘male, pale and stale’. I wasn’t a massive fan of the previous cabinet, but it doesn’t seem right to be removing someone from office for their sex or colour, it’s just as discriminatory as not taking on a minister because she was female in the first place. Instead of juggling about ministers in a popularity contest government should be trying to make politics fair for all at entry levels rather than picking and choosing to try and cast an illusion that the cabinet matches up with the demographic.

The five remaining seats are filled by Lib Dems: Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Alistar Carmichale and Ed Davey. Clegg will be waiting until later in the year to organise his own reshuffle, this is a move to distance himself from the increasingly unpopular Tories.

This cabinet will take the UK towards the general election in March next year and it seems the race is on.


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