Winchester Uni Freshers Forced to Reside in Hotels


Due to the record number of students attending university this year, a shortage in student accommodation has arisen, forcing over 100 freshers at Winchester University to find alternative residencies outside of the city, many opting for private housing and hotels.

Attribution Sharealike 2.5 Christophe Finot
Attribution Sharealike 2.5 Christophe Finot

The record intake of students this year is due to the additional 30,000 university places being offered throughout the UK, which has made the university’s six main halls of residence unable to accommodate all the freshers that are beginning lectures this week.

Many new students are having to stay outside of Winchester in nearby cities and towns such as Eastleigh, Basingstoke and Southampton. Because of this problem, many will have to commute by train to university, which is costly in itself as train fares continue to rise. The situation will also mean more students than expected will be making up the already overcrowded housing estates of Stanmore and Winnall, which are already brimming with second and third year students. The university are said to be dealing with the situation and hope to accommodate more students soon.


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