SUMC’s Big Climb Against Cancer


So most of you (undergrads, at least) might not usually consider heading to campus at the weekend, but this weekend there’s a very good reason to.

Having started at 12 noon today, Southampton University Mountaineering Club are on the Red Brick Area outside SUSU until 12 noon tomorrow, Sunday 28th September, for a 24 hour climbing marathon, to raise money for Climbers Against Cancer. Their aim is to acheive twice the height of Everest, which comes to 17,696m of climbing, or 2212 ascents of the 8m tower. To do it, and to raise their goal of £1 in sponsorship for every climb, they’ll need your support.

Their worthy cause, Climbers Against Cancer, was founded by keen climber John Ellison in January 2013. When he was diagnosed wih terminal cancer, John turned to the climbing community and encouraged them to unite with the common cause of finding a cure for others like him. It is now a truly global campaign having so far raised £200,000 worldwide. It is run entirely voluntarily and donations of £10,000 are made directly to cancer research facilities, as chosen by the board of trustees. Their website lists some of the previous centres that have benefited, including French research facility La Ligue Contre le Cancer, and Christie Hospital in Britain, home to Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

When I spoke to them at 8pm this evening, the team were in good spirits and not quite flagging yet, if not brimming with boundless energy. If you want to keep the smiles on their faces, swing by Highfield campus tomorrow and donate what you can!

To find out more about Climbers Against Cancer:
To find out more about SUMC and their Big Climb and to get involved, check out their blog:


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