Clamping Down On Those Pots of Paint


A small guide on money-saving tips for the average arts/fashion student.

So it has been a long four month break away from art school, and with the exception of a few art shows and exhibits, the studios have been otherwise dead. But after all these weeks crashing at the parents’ place and living off free home-cooked meals, it’s time to get back to business i.e spending delicate money on (yes that’s right) precious art materials. Now of course, we cannot forget the lovely entitlement we receive each year from the university, but after a few months hard work, it quickly disintegrates…

Images Courtesy of Charlotte Scarrow
Images Courtesy of Charlotte Scarrow


It is no secret that art and textile materials are an expensive addition to anyone studying or working in the field of art and fashion, which can intervene with the necessity of buying much needed groceries, a social life, and of course, dreaded rent.


But there is no cause for panic! There are ways to avoid ‘breaking the bank’ and saving on art materials once that much-loved entitlement has dried out. For instance, shopping with consideration. Looking for deals in the supermarket is a must! We have all become used to wealthy food cupboards at home, but now it’s back to the budgeting aisle. The less you spend on rubbish like biscuits and chocolate (although they are just too good to let go of!) the more you have to use for purchasing precious paints and fabrics.

Images Courtesy of Charlotte Scarrow
Images Courtesy of Charlotte Scarrow


And it does not just relate to food, as we all know Winchester High Street like the back of our hands. All that temptation surrounding you can be unbearable during the era of being a student! All those wonderful stores which, if you so wanted, you could just walk into and shop to your heart’s desire (of course not without disastrous consequence). So I am supposing all there is for it, if you are the typical one who loves a good spree, is to avoid the high street whenever possible…take the long way home! However if you live in Winnall, which requires no detour through the centre to return home to…good on you.


Another money-saving tip that helps is to shop around for these elusive cost-effective materials. Going online is one major choice which can leave pounds in your bank account. But hey, we all love our little art shop at WSA! So another thing that helps is to just simply use what you’ve got with the utmost care and consideration. In other words, don’t use a whole pot of paint on a canvas in just one studio session. And I know that can be hard for a painter (I’m a big fan of abstract painting so my paint usage can be a bit extreme) but if it saves a few pennies, it’s worth it in the end. It is all about how you use the material, not just what you do with it. Learn to use it in smaller doses, or even better, save using masses of material for future, larger works by keeping to making studies in your sketchbook throughout the process.


Trust me. It will all be worth it in the end…


Currently the Winchester Editor of Wessex Scene, Kalisto is a fine arts student, keen writer and emerging artist with a mighty love of coffee...

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