Winchester Art School in Need of Expansion


The Winchester School of Art has put a temporary halt on plans to expand the institution due to the shortage of available land. As the number of students at WSA increase vastly by each coming year, more space is in demand to accommodate their studies.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Procter
Photo Courtesy of Adam Procter

A large proportion of the University of Southampton’s students are from abroad, mostly Chinese, who make up about 5 percent of the university’s annual turnover. This influx in students, both British and Foreign, are brimming the school to maximum capacity and therefore physical expansion is in great demand.

According to the Hampshire Chronicle the number of Chinese students attending WSA has increased from five to 575 throughout the past seven years. This may be due to the UK having a strong reputation for good education, as well as postgraduate courses taking only one year to complete, in comparison with China were it takes three. In most other countries an MA takes two years to achieve.  Many of these Chinese students find it difficult to integrate with British students because of the language barrier and strong cultural disparity. The school is always finding ways to address this problem. Therefore the increase in the diverse student community is pushing the school to expand the campus in order to maintain high educational standards for its pupils.


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