Possible Closure of Winchester Police Station


Winchester Police station on North Walls faces the possibility of closure as pressure on staff mounts.

In order to save money and cut valuable costs, city beat areas are making plans to merge. This could mean those based at Winchester Police station would be relocated to the local fire station on Easton Lane, opposite the student halls of residence, Erasmus Park.

Due to government cuts millions of pounds are being saved on the Hampshire Constabulary. However there will be no cuts in frontline employment. Police stations all over Hampshire are being ‘sold off’ according to PC Joe Zubaidi.

The areas are still covered – for example, in Winchester we won’t own a police station but the response teams will be working out of the fire station.

Joe Zubaidi
Police Constable

Over 2000 officers will end up being relocated across the UK as the British Government merge buildings to save on the cost of estates bills and running costs.


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    The journalism in this piece is absolutely dire. Do you not have a sub/editor?

    Winchester Police department doesn’t exist
    The force with the badge in the picture ceased to exist in 1943 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchester_City_Police )

    I can pick out 12 things that desperately should have been changed before this was approved.

    I’ll probably be dismissed as a troll, but this is serious. If you want to be taken seriously as a source of news, you need to massively up your game Scene! It’s embarrassing!

    The Scene, like any other student paper, should be something where if it appears on your CV for a future journalism job, it catches someone’s eye. Student newspapers have a wonderful micro-community they should focus on, and instead, you waste your time letting anyone write anything, no matter how blatantly wrong, then publish it without a bit of editing.

    Please become a decent paper, otherwise the Tab will be the only place to get Uni news, and that would be a disaster.

    Tahlie Cooper

    Hi Callum,

    Thank you for your comment, your feedback has been taken into consideration and I will be reporting back to the editorial team. As I am sure you can understand, I do rely on my editors to get news out without me necessarily sub-editing every single article. As we are all students, I can only do my best to read over the majority of the articles published in one day.

    Please know that a number of the editorial team underwent a breaking news training course yesterday at the Student Publication Association South West Regional Conference. Sadly not all attended but compulsory training on news is being implemented.

    I will personally take it upon myself to dig deeper into this story and update the news to the best of my ability, as I know this does concern a number of students living in Winchester.

    If you wish to discuss any matters further, please do not hesitate to contact me: editor@soton.ac.uk

    Tahlie Cooper.

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