Online Petition Saves Fish from Mistreatment


Recently, I began an online petition campaigning for Orange Rooms in Southampton to re-home the fish that currently reside there. These fish live in cramped water tanks and are used inappropriately as a source of entertainment. The worst affected are the Pacu fish who have lived in a tank in the upstairs bar area for nearly thirteen years. Luckily, Orange Rooms have agreed that the Pacu fish have outgrown their surroundings and need a new home. Now I am on a mission to find one!


I began this petition after a night out was ruined by the sight of these living creatures. The pictured tank inhabits four of these large Pacu fish who float lifelessly in their cramped conditions. A bar is not a suitable setting for living creatures, no matter what species. I asked to speak to the manager who then walked away from my questions, refusing to comment.

After speaking to the Marine Biology and RSPCA Societies on campus, I reported the issue to the RSPCA. However, that wasn’t enough. I also launched an online petition petition, and before it had reached 100 signatures, Orange Rooms contacted me and explained that they were willing to rehome these Pacu fish. I would like to thank Orange Rooms for their swift response and their ability to adapt to constructive criticism.

My current mission is to find a suitable home for these Pacu fish. I have been in contact with local aquatic centres but I would like to extend my search. If anyone knows of any local aquatic centres who would be willing to home these animals, please comment and let me know. The sooner they are re-homed the better!


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