Orange Rooms Fish to be Rehomed


The tropical fish of Orange Rooms are to be rehomed, one month after the creation of a student petition arguing for their freedom.

Prior to Corinne Dugdale’s petition, which highlighted the cramped conditions of the tanks and frequent bass sounds, the popular Southampton bar was continuing a search for a new location for the fish currently residing there. Now thanks to the help of Corinne – who is also the Treasurer of Southampton University’s RSPCA Society – this search has come to fruition with the fishes’ move to a county manor in Essex.

Struggling against quarantine laws reducing the likelihood of transferral to other sites, Dugdale’s petition played a key role in finding a solution to the issue. Alongside highlighting the importance of acknowledging animal welfare in often unrecognised areas such as clubs and bars, the petition spread awareness of a home needed for the fish.

Third year English student Corinne praised the bar’s assistance with the removal of the fish:

I’d like to personally thank Orange Rooms for their cooperation. It’s fantastic news that they have been able to locate a new home for the Pacu.  



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